Story Charts


What happened in that story you just read?

What were the characters doing? What were they feeling?
What challenges did they have? How did they solve the challenges?
Then what happened at the end? Did any characters change or learn something?
Did you change or learn something?

If you want to tell others about the story, here’s a way to organize your thinking.
It’s called a story chart, and when you fill in the blanks, you know you are looking at the whole story
and showing that you understand the story.

Message for grownups:
You can right-click to save this example from the Internet,
or you can do a search for “story chart” or “story grammar”
and find or create charts that fit your needs better.
Just make sure that you use a chart that gives young people opportunity to describe essential elements:
characters, setting (time/place), events, challenges/conflicts,
resolutions, ending, and what was learned or changed.

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