What is Whiz Kidz? Who is Whiz Kidz?


Whiz Kidz was once a computer learning center for children. Now, that might seem strange, with the Internet and computers in almost every home. But in ancient days, before nearly everyone had nearly everything online, Whiz Kidz was a place for after-school and summertime computer fun and learning. It was started and run by Norman and Sierra Rose Ė a college professor/musician and an artist/grandmother.


Now, here in modern days, we (Norman and Sierra) donít have a place you can go to for these things. Instead, Whiz Kidz is here on the Internet. And thatís better, because you donít have to live in the same town as us to do the fun things that Whiz Kidz has.


Down below, youíll see links that will take you to things that you might enjoy and learn from. Donít be shy; try a bit of everything. And keep coming back if you like. Itís all free and (hopefully) easy to use.


If youíre a parent or teacher (or grandparent or school principal), feel free to bookmark this page. Also, you might pass on our Internet address to others or to link our Web page to your site.


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